Effortless French Chic with Lancôme

When making Coq au Vin, a classic French chicken dish braised with red wine, you first brown the chicken over high heat. Many ask, “how can you tell when it is ready to turn”? My response is always GBD (golden brown & delicious). I learned this term from a colleague.

I learned a new abbreviation today from the experts at Lancôme at Neiman Marcus, Northpark Mall, Dallas TX.  It is EFC, Effortless French Chic! What a perfect way to embrace the summer. This is a jet-set season, and you can be subtle or bold with your make-up depending on the occasion.


It is worth it to have a consultation to learn the new innovations in skin care and make-up. In just a short time, my whole make-up routine was simplified and refreshed by Lancôme National Makeup Artist, Robert Cook.


To start, Nathalie from Lancôme prepped my face with Eau Fraiche Douceur. This is a cleanser and toner in one – so refreshing!! She combined a few drops of the Absolue Precious Oil with their moisturizer, perfect for my skin which is usually in front of a hot oven or stove! Next a primer, foundation concealer and eye shadow base – quick and easy to apply.

Robert swiftly applied my new look, as I watched and learned while holding a mirror in front of me. He demystified the process, and shared user-friendly tips on which features to start with first, much different than my usual  routine. He taught me the value of “eyelid real estate” by lining my top eyelid rim instead of above the lashes. This also gives more drama to the lashes, you can see them better. When it comes to blush and contour, it is all about sweeping it higher on the cheeks, no drooping please! He showed me how to prime the lip area, by using concealer to tidy up any reddish areas that are near the lip line. The wow factor was the Matte Shaker High Pigment Liquid Lipstick (I’m wearing Kiss Me Cherie – 374) You shake it up like a cocktail shaker and apply with the cushion sponge. Robert used a petite lip brush to apply mine – which is fine too. I was amazed how long this lasted without smudging or fading.

Oh, I almost forgot one of the other wow (or should I say ooohh la la!) moments! Before foundation was applied, Nathalie used the Absolue L’extrait Ultimate Eye Contour Collection. The product is applied with a petite soft and flexible spatula (yes, makeup and cooking have their similarities!) and the end of the applicator is used to massage the product over the area – pampering at it’s finest. What a wonderful experience! I am recharged and ready for the summer. Treat yourself to an inspiring visit to Neiman Marcus at the Northpark Dallas location and learn EFC (Effortless French Chic!). Please ask for Tara Martin-Rowell, her expertise, professionalism and customer service is the best!


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