360 Evolution

cwc denise austin 1 PSX_20150530_205045

My wellness journey is important to me. I’m in the food business which presents many challenges and temptations! To keep me on track, having a plan is a big part of the daily commitment to my health and well-being. I’m excited to share that I am following the 10 Week, 360° Plan by Denise Austin. Throughout the years, I have worked-out to her television show, exercise videotapes, and DVDs. Her enthusiasm, dedication, and motivation is amazing. Her online plan is so convenient. I can access it on my computer, tablet, and phone. Each day is set up with a daily workout, menu and recipes, motivation, and the support of an online community. The recipes are quick to prepare and they incorporate nutrient dense and modern ingredients—very chic! Denise was a guest on my cooking show when she was on her book tour for Lose Those Last 10 Pounds. Now when I log in, I get to see her every day. She is a great coach! Her new program offers a one-week free trial. I highly recommend her 10 Week, 360° Plan. I will share my progress—stay tuned! Visit her website for more information. http://www.deniseaustin.com/

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